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Residential Journeyman and Apprentice

ISO: Residential Wireman and Journeyman

High West Electric is in search of a Residential Wireman and Journeyman to join our outstanding team. We are a values driven company. We stand by our word, value our customers and employees, and take pride in our work. Our customers stay with us because they feel like they are family, like us, and they are a part of our culture. Not only do we do good work, sorry, GREAT work, but we treat each and every one of our customers with respect and courtesy, and compassion.

We want electricians who are honest, real, and different from the typical electrician. We want you to have hobbies, a different background, working styles and interests so you can bring culture into our company.


Technical skills are extremely important, but we’ve learned that being receptive to coaching, emotional intelligence, professionalism, motivation, and temperament are more likely to lead to success and fit well with our team. These intangible skills are the traits that signify if a candidate is the type of person who can elevate their team as well as an organization as a whole.

Something else different about us…we want to help our employees reach their dreams. Whether it’s a trip to the Caribbean, a new car or the desire to start your own business. High West Electric is all about our employees. We like to play as hard as we work,  and strive to push that agenda.

Do you?

  • Dream big
  • Work hard
  • Play hard
  • Want to work with a team that values their employees
  • Use your skills and knowledge to help people
  • Look for a collaborative work environment
  • Enjoy training apprentices
  • Have experience with residential service work; from troubleshooting to remodels and upgrades

Skill Sets

Residential Journeyman

  • Motivated
  • Self-directed
  • Professional
  • Customer service driven
  • Excited to work for a growing business
  • Someone who enjoys working cooperatively with other electricians and clients
  • Experience working on residential projects
  • Licensed in the State of Colorado

Tens of thousands of new electrician jobs open each year and pay is extremely competitive. Even better, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for electricians is expected to grow by 10% through 2028. This means more stability. It also means better opportunities to grow your career and your income. We can’t think of a better acer opportunity than one which offers a future and great work environment. If you would like to learn more about either opportunity, visit our Careers Page.

High West Electric is based in Denver, CO, and serves the entire metro area. Our customer service-based approach ensures that each client enjoys the process from installation to the end product – no matter the size of the job. Our goal is to be YOUR electrician and offer an experience that goes Beyond the Wires. Visit our website to learn more.

6 Reasons Why Every Household Should Have a Standby Generator

6 Reasons Why Every Household Should Have a Standby Generator

Severe weather, such as high winds, lightning, or ice buildup can cause overhead power lines to break, resulting in loss of electric, having a standby generator can save you money and peace of mind. Depending on the size of the storm and number of homes affected, you could be without power for days.

The Difference Between a Standby Generator and a Portable Generator

A standby generator is a generator that runs on natural gas or liquid propane and is hooked up to an existing gas line. Standby generators are designed to kick in automatically when the power goes out so that you don’t experience an interruption in power.

Because their combustion engines emit fumes, portable generators should be kept outdoors during operation, although extension cords can be used to carry the power indoors.

Portable generators must be manually plugged in and require you pour gas into it to function. They emit fumes and will usually only power a couple of appliances in your home. A standby generator has the capacity to power an entire home or business.

6 Reasons to Own a Generator

  1. Your Refrigerated Food

If your refrigerator and freezer are fully stocked like most homes, you can lose hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. The USDA recommends throwing out perishable foods just four hours after a refrigerator loses power. If, however, you can connect your refrigerator to a generator, you can avoid the expense of restocking.

  1. Computers and Data

Since COVID, more Americans are working from home than ever before. Productivity is important to a company’s bottom line. A generator can provide the continuous power you need to run your desk and/or business for days and prevent damage from a power surge. A power surge is most often caused by a loss of electricity. When the power comes back on, the surge can damage electrical components and even cause a fire. If you have a backup generator, however, it can prevent these hazardous power surges from destroying your equipment, tools, computers, and other electrical devices inside your house. A generator can automatically sense when the power fails and will instantly reroute power to the generator.

  1. Electric Cars

A power outage can completely strand electric car owners. If you depend on an electric car as your main transportation, having a generator will ensure that you can drive to work, get essential groceries, get to an emergency room, even during a blackout.

  1. Medical Equipment

Lack of power to a piece of medical equipment can have detrimental effects. Having a generator will prevent unnecessary medical emergencies, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

  1. Prevent Burst Pipes

Freezing pipes can burst, ruining your plumbing, and possibly causing water damage by flooding your house. With a backup generator, your water heater can still run at normal capacity, providing the necessary heat to prevent your plumbing from freezing.

  1. Property Value

A standby generator is considered a bonus when trying to sell your home. Potential buyers place high value on peace of mind and safety when considering what home to buy. Consumer Reports states that in some cases, your home value can increase by 3 to 5%. In some cases, having a standby generator can also lower your homeowners insurance.

A generator installation requires a licensed electrician. As a certified Generac Service Provider, High West Electric is proud to offer top-of-the-line generators to help you stay safe during rolling blackouts and power outages. We provide standby generator solutions that will greatly reduce the impact of power outages. Contact us today for a free estimate.